is a yardsale supposed to be so fun?

i dunno, but ours was!!!
the day began with a trip to starbucks for boxed coffee (and a latte)this was pretty early cuz red must have sensed how much we needed the sleep so he woke with the dawn. back home and some last minute pricing and preparation. regular o'suz customers came right at 10!!! love that, and they got some real steals. more peeps came soon after and the day got going good. lots of families came which was so fun, especially for redford who got to see other small sizes in action.needless to say our yard, todd's vintage jeep, the sandbox and the airstream got some serious love.
i must shout out some thank yous to a few lovely peeps in particular.
cindy, for the rolling racks (they are still here though)
aaron, for bringing goods from town and helping people check out while i fed red
robyn for coming and introducing me to such nice women who came and made the day special.
my husband for helping with set up and break down, as always. i love you.
and last but not least, jessica, who tirelessly came out and priced with me, entertaining red all the while.
here are some pics from the event:
thanks to all, my load is lighter and hopefully everyone is happy with their finds!