spring "swap and sell"

at peartree farm!!! for those of you who were not involved, last fall my freind maria and i put on a "swap and sell" in my yard. we had lots of free, swapish stuff and some stuff that was for sale, maybe a bit fancier than a yard sale on the one end but lots was free for the taking on the other. either way it was great fun and everyone scored some treasures and purged some goods. we had some food and bevs and blankets laid out everywhere. we used our airstream as a fitting room. the sun was shining and all hauled good loot away. i want to repeat the s & s soon. who might be interested? i thought i would open it up to more peeps this year which will make it more fun and even juicier. i am thinking of a saturday in april. we are going to list our home to sell soon hence the need to slim down yet again. it is a constant battle with me. i want my mantra to be "you can't take it with you" but it is so often overruled by "but it will help me get organized" or "but i purged such and such so i can justify it". the thing is, the thought of packing and moving again is daunting and yet so thrilling. i am a creature of change. i moved, i dunno, 8-10 times as a child and so a new room was always on the horizon for me. change can also be an addiction which is dangerous but i get most of of my kicks in this dept at the shop. there is not a day that goes by that things don't relocate. i have also been known to turn my home upside down regularly but not so much now that i have a babe. anyhoo, i am planning how and when it will all go down and wanting to spread the word prior to the date being set just to see if there is interest.
for those of u who came and scored last year, spread the word to like minds and we will
"get er' done".

even red and his oh so cute toosh got in the mix
lucia was such a good helper and red's granny was there watching over them both.

some of the younger ones sold crafts they made!!!