progress report on birthday plans

oooohhhh, the raffle jar is over half full.... i am so pleased at all the energy and excitement that's coming from this birthday/raffle. i think i even got carried away with my cupcake order for friday. not surprising seeing as there is no better party favor than a cupcake from cappellinos crazy cakes. i have also chosen lots of goodies to give away as door prizes, yeah! we are hoping all our favorite peeps will come by and wish us a happy birthday, eat a cupcake and perhaps watch redford pull your name from the candy jar. we plan to draw names between 1 and 2 and will post the winners online right away. remember the winner gets a one time $250 shopping spree and runners up get $100, and $25 respectively. red may also want to grab a few extra names so there could be additional winners. depends on his mood i guess. anywhichway, we are getting pumped for the big day. hope to see lots of friendly faces this friday, march 6th.