wild hair

okay, so yesterday we were notified that we were getting a huge shipment today from new york of some new furniture pieces we ordered along with a ton of boxes from small vendors that called to say they thier merch was in route too, so.........

we have added to the sale to clear out some space. our sale had dwindled but was still somewhat juicy with deals. today it all just gets better. the following list includes some of what we added at 50% off:

portolano kids mittens and hats
baby knits kit
puj slings
eeboo puzzles
beba bean pants
sub studio baby tees
handknit monkeys and rabbits
handmade manuella monkeys
rae dunn bookends
baby knits kit
reisenthel mini carry all in bright orange
green cable knit pillows
more jane inc eye pillows
all sachets by mary lake 5 each!!!!
a few shinzi katoh bag styles
some more book titles
and some more stamps
envirosax in brown floral pattern
n. larue pink butterfly onsies
and n. larue lady bug and robot tees
lots of speesees baby clothes
little lark owlie tees and onsies
salvor fauna wave tee
baby take super soft lap tees
ananas solid perfume
thomas paul file folders and mousepads
gecko traders zipper pouches

this list is just a quick look at what goes to 75% off starting now:

jewelry by small things and susan fleming
coasters and clocks by studio vertu
little flowers ceramics
holly aiken, saltbox and angela adams bags
along with a few one of kind bags that r here
sabre utensils
calendars by seltzer and modern printed matter
some baby clothes by speesees and jezebel
macbeth decoupage
and lots more!!!
please come help us make some room, see what's new and or just take a peek.