today was so delightful...

...because we got lots of small boxes with BIG favorites from the show. you may not know how much we love susie ghahremani, craft extraordinaire of boy girl party, but let me tell you, we think she hung the moon. we already carry everything she'll let us buy from her site, like notepads, buttons, pouches, recipe cards and postcards, as well as her amazing works on mirrors for my favorite mirror and magnets for ipop. now, she has made a line of cards for madison park greetings that we nabbed. our eagle eye and the fact that we already buy from madison park made it easy breezy. we bought it all without hesitation!!! she also debuted new ipop magnets and "clicks", and guess what, she made a set with all hedgies!!! can u stand it?the guy in the booth may never understand our enthusiasm. he was polite though and merrily sold us everything we wanted.another box had these great cards i found in the compendium booth.
they are so lovely. ($3 each)

here are just a few:
this one reads: Let no one ever come to you without leaving better.

this one reads: Blessed is the influence of one true, loving human soul to another.

and lastly but not leastly: ugly dolls, some making a second visit and some some new for us. they poke out where you least expect them too and can't help but make u smile, so come see. we got some bigguns too! ox is jessica's pick and mine is poe:

ox poe