nyigf tales

so the new york international gift fair has been going on this week and jessica and i hit nyc this past sunday looking for the goods. the show is generally located at the jacob javits center and the passenger piers which combine to cover almost 630,000 square feet. gadzooks, that is a lot of stuff people and stores like ours have to weed through it all to find the gems. luckily, looking for the diamonds in the rough, as it were, is my 2nd favorite thing to do, after merchandising them, and boy had i missed doing it. i had not been to this show in over 2 years! absence did make the heart grow fonder in this case for sure. the only thing was that my endurance is not what it used to be. while i am used to being with my son, red, scrambling hither and fro, we usually don't walk miles and miles in a day with him on my shoulder. as it was, i did rally, and walk as much as possible in the 2 days i was there. i could only stand to be away from the mini-man that long. it was our first time apart and it was hard but that's another post on another blog at another time (or maybe not). mothers know what i mean. it was good but hard but good but hard but...
now we are both back and resting today; me with redford, cozy by the woodstove out our way, and jessica at her place with her sopherdoodle hopefully snuggling up under some covers.
.....tomorrow though we get back in the groove at the shop and hopefully condense some sale and make some room for all the goodies and gems that we found here:

stat tuned for more highlights from the show.