suz's top 10 gifts to give and receive

so we thought for fun we might list our favorite gifties to give and receive at o'suz. this is my top 10. jessica's and aaron's favs are soon to follow.

my #1 gifty to give are
sachets made by local textile designer, lotta helleberg, of inleaf designs. the sachets are hand printed with a pair of fern fronds or a geranium leaf on soft natural linen. They are filled with dried organic lavender buds and smell delightful. a most lovely gift indeed. i use them in my car on the dash over the vents.

my #2 fav gifty is a
charm necklace by lucid new york, my favorite is the owly. there is also a flying bird, a horseshoe, a wishbone, 3 keys, a feather, a hedgehog and a bee.they are sterling and just as sweet as can be and just 50 bones each.

my # 3 gifty is anything by fluffy co. i love it all. i especially love the little card cases. i have this one: but these new designs are so tempting! the poppies are so bright and cheery. and the owls, well, we know about my love of owls...
my # 4 gifty is the 2009 nikki mcclure calendar. she just keeps coming up with the most amazing calendars each year. i think this is the 4rth year we have carried them. they are so hot, we ordered 36 to start off the season. i always keeps the sample and can't wait to turn it's pages. here is the cover and 3 of my favorite images from inside.

my # 5 gifty (and mind you these are in no particular order) is a pencil roll made by our own aaron wine of sew seamless. we featured her a while back as our love it artist and created quite the buzz. they really are incredible and made so sweetly by hand. red has 1 ready for when his creative juices flow and can be contained no longer. i think we have 5 pencil rolls in the shop now and 2 marker rolls that aaron just brought in. here is red's:

we had a blast shooting these, he put them on his john deere tractor and then i put them in his truck. we pushed them around the room, aaron's pencils never had so much fun.

my #6 gifty is any rae dunn really, but the mugs, in particular, appeal to lots of folks. the words are simple, the shape is basic and it just feels good in your hand. you could sip your coffee, tea or your hot toddy in style. they have words like think, dream, create, calm, pause and begin.

my #7 gifty are the new zents attar roll on solid scents. we have them in fresh, petal, water, sun, oolong, earth and ore. they are scents we have come to love at o'suz, only stronger i think, and we agree the scent really lasts. my fav is oolong. here is pic of some of the scents that zents makes in the attar. we will happily order those we don't carry. no problemo.

my #8 gift would be the big gift on someone's list.
a crispina blanket. boy are they special. i have a few that i have collected over the many years (almost 13) i've carried her work. there are so many reasons they are a favorite. they are all made by hand and from 100% recycled sweaters. they are made in pittsfield, ma (home to james taylor). they are all so unique given the nature of the craft which makes them more like a treasure. some have buttons, pockets orthe occasional alligator from the knit's past life.
all i can tell you is they are one of my all time favrite items that i carry. we always have between 5 and 10 in the shop, right now e have 7 i think. she also makes sweaters that i live in and pillows and xmas ornaments which we also have in the shop. this is a quick pic of my most recent crispina aquisitions. i love yellow!!!!my # 9 gifty is anything made by jenna rose. it is all so cool. belts and hats to adorn ourselves and each other and these cool storage bags for stashing our stuff. here are some pics. she is also our featured artist this month but we have not posted her interview yet as the merch just came from canada in the post this week.
last gifty i would recommend is a reclaimed wood frame by dryads dancing. we just got some new ones in so the selection is good and varied. all sizes including some new 5x5's and some new mirrors made with celing tin.