happy new year friends!!

so i have started 2 posts since the 17th of dec. and not been able to finish either of them before their potential interest expires. busy times.
i am trying again, but extra early, so those of you who peek at this semi regularly will be the first to know..... our
big january sale begins on january 3rd, next saturday. we will be closed january 1rst, to relax with family and friends, and jan 2nd, to do our annual inventory (gadzooks people), clean and re-evaluate. we will also be setting up the sale, which, as always, despite the 2 for 1 that has been ongoing since thanksgiving, will be hugely juicy. one thing that always illudes me is how to streamline the merch in the store. i love when a new year approaches for so many reasons. it's a chance for an ultimate spring cleaning but in the dead of winter! it's a chance to reflect on all that is good in our lives. we had a tough fall with the move and the economy but we pulled it out in the end. let me say, i am grateful to all who used the locally circulated coupon. the response was great. thanks to elizabeth b for the idea and the follow through. also, in general, people were shopping but maybe buying less and that's ok. we had the 2 for 1  which emerged victorious. we made many peeps happy i think. bottom line: we usually have a big sale in january anyway, but this year gift givers could be more generous, or treat themselves, and or save some at the same time. we sold more then we would have. it was a win win all around. thanks for shopping at o'suz!!!!!!
oh and......
see you in 2009!!!!!!!!