let's get hitched.

we had to tell you about the sweetest thing that happened in the shop the other day -- o'suzannah hosted a marriage proposal! the newly engaged couple had been high school sweethearts back in the day, but according to the new fiancee, he dumped her when he got a car. (gotta love teenage boys.) they went on and lived their lives, going down separate paths, and then, five years ago, he wandered into the store on his lunch break, and lo and behold, there she was. they reconnected for the first time in many years, and now, five years later, they're engaged to be married! he had it all planned out and insisted they pick up prescriptions downtown, much to her confusion, but it was all so he could get her into the site of their meeting five years ago! it was so exciting to hear this couple's story and to have the store be the location for such a happy day in their lives.