the january sale

i thought i might wet the appetites of our readers with a punch list of some of the goods that will be in our big sale that starts tomorrow. we tore through the place this week like a windstorm and boy did we clean house. goodtimes. we are so excited for this sale. we have so much more space on 4rth street to do it justice.
anyhoo, here are just some of the goods on sale:

all xmas merch. 75% off
some hobo wallets
a bunch of archipelago candles
nicole larue tank tops with pink birdies
saltbox bags and holly aiken bags
some queen bee bags (only 2 left)
jezebel and bla bla t's for small peeps
makie sleepers and booties
lots of speesees clothes for small people
tons of kids books
many of the portolano accessories for winter
small things necklaces
a few pieces of susan fleming jewelry
decals by dvider more then 50% off
3 styles of reisenthel hanging storage
tooth fairy boxes, paperweights and napkin rings by vilmain
tons of books
a bunch of lotta bags and a few more pillows.
some little display tables - cheap
and so so much more. it is a giganormous sale.
please join us in the next few weeks and take some of these fine goodies home!!