even more added to 2 for 1!

okay, i just need to say, we are getting carried away with this 2 for 1 business. we have added more since black friday and it's all flying out with nice peeps which is awesome. good deals, good gifties. we added some waste not stationary and card pack combo's yesterday and some cool journals but not many so hurry in. also assorted wrapping paper sheets are a great deal at 2 for 1, use em' now or later or frame some of them, they're that pretty. we also put some organic thermal baby blankets on 2 for 1 from pixel organics and a baby book set that makes a great gift for a new family. i know there's more but i wanted to let you in on a few things while i have a quick sec. am home with red today. his first bday is coming up xmas eve! now i finally understand what folks mean when they say it goes fast. the days can feel long but the moments fly by. does that make sense? anyhoo, knowing me there will be more added as time passes and space becomes available. it does mean the sale in january will be substantially smaller but better to get the deals now, right?