calendar heaven, here we come!

we are straight up calendar fiends at o'suzannah. even as i write this there are four different 2008 calendars hanging above my desk. (and don't forget the other two in the kitchen!) there's just something so exciting about starting a new month by turning over a new page of lovely work by our favorite artists. we have scads of 2009 calendars (and a few perptual ones) in the shop, and we thought we'd give you a little tour of our favorites.

to start, we've got desk calendars, which are handy for your office and also make great gifties.

the annual calendar by ilee (pronounced eeeeleee) is a perpetual customer favorite, and i think you can see why. who wouldn't love to look at this for all of october? this calendar is super handmade with a combination of letterpress, silkscreening, and foil stamping. it comes in a cd case that you can use as a stand, as in the photo, or you can take out one month at a time and put it on your bulletin board or fridge. this is definitely one our favorite gifties in the shop!

modern printed matter produced this amazing botanical desk calendar for 2009. each month features a botanical specimen photographed by anna and then translated into a multi-color screenprint, which produces a beautiful layering effect in the colors. this, too, comes in a cd case for easy display.

the last cd case calendar we have is by driscoll design. driscoll's cards are always a favorite of our peeps, and the calendar delivers twelve months of characteristic driscoll sweetness, with cupcakes and ice cream cones and friendly little creatures to add a little cheer to your day. also, angela has kindly added important dates to remember at the bottom of each month's page. mother's day isn't getting past you this time around...

now this is one really neato calendar by cat seto. as you see, it comes with a woodblock that serves as the calendar's stand as well as a pencil holder. this is the only desk calendar we have that really allows you room to write, and even better, if you send your 2009 pages (printed on recylced paper) back to cat for recycling at the end of the year, you get a discount on the 2010 refill. we love that this is eco-friendly and beautiful. who wouldn't want this on their desk?!?

we've got a few more desk calendars, including one from seltzer with some of their most popular images, including the much-beloved "pugs and kisses," the more sophisticated cavallini mini-easel calendars, and the aforementioned
night owl all-wood calendar.

when it comes to wall calendars, there is one that, every fall, without fail, has us girls waiting with bated breath, and that is the always stunning nikki mcclure calendar. you'll be hearing more about this from suzannah soon, so stay tuned.

another of the most eagerly awaited calendars is jill bliss's. we love, love, love us some jill bliss and always use her calendar as our store schedule. this is the fourth year jill has collaborated with saelee oh, and the theme this time around is gathered together. the images in this thirteen-month calendar combine the artists' cut outs, found objects, and photographs, and jill and saelee use recycled paper and vegetable-based inks. this is also a great choice if you need to space to write!

also coming from the west coast is a small group of calendars from little otsu. above is jennie smith's treehouses calendar/poster. on the front you get all twelve months on one page (18 x 24"), and each month is hand lettered and surrounded by whimsically drawn tree-dwelling fauna. once 2009 rolls on by, you can flip the calendar over and there you'll find a poster, which we think is pretty snazzy.

also from little otsu is chris duncan's "two years of the youniverse" poster calendar, and like jennie smith's, this is double-sided, 2009 on one side, 2010 on the other. and when it's all over you can tear off the dated sections along the perforated edge, and you still have the images! we're really keen on the idea of a calendar having a life after its initial use -- it's so sad to put them away...

also check out lart c. berliner's 2009 railways map calendar. this, too, reverses to a poster, and like all little otsu paper products, is printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with vegetable-based inks.

finally, we arrive to the 2009 rex ray wall calendar, which i am listing with some trepidation because we are currently sold out. never fear though, it is on order, and we are hopeful it will be here soon for all you rex ray lovers. this calendar is great because it's BIG and has lots of room to write, and, of course, because it features the bold, graphic designs of rex ray. (and a free poster!)

so, now my only question is, which one(s) are you taking home? and stay tuned for our o'suzannah planner guide! xoxo, jessica