all manner of planner!

you've heard about our calendars (and you'll hear about one more super cool one that is en route soon!), but have you seen our planners? i love planners, i kind of even hoard planners, in the sense that i actually have more than i can legitimately use and therefore always have a nice stack of untouched pages waiting to be inscribed with appointments and birthdays. planners are serious business, and everyone knows that you have to find just the right one, or ones in my case. everyone has their own set of criteria -- spiral, monthly, weekly, dated, so on and so forth. i feel pretty darn good about saying that we have a little bit of everything at o'suzannah.

let's break it down. one of the make it or break it factors in choosing a planner is whether or not it's already dated for you. we have a few of these dated planners knocking around the shop from cavallini, whomi, cath kidston, grady mcferrin, and the slingshot collective.

this is the whomi agenda, which comes in two sizes and two cover designs, both of which are pretty easily portable. the top half of this planner has monthly overviews, and the bottom half has weekly pages with extra space for keeping you (and the rest of the family) organized. the whole thing is enclosed in a clear plastic cover, so this baby will survive anything you throw at it.

the cath kidston pocket agenda is uber sweet. like whomi, it has a plastic cover and even a little zip pocket at the back for keeping track of receipts and business cards. this is a weekly planner with lots of extra swag at the back, including time zone information, foreign language phrases, conversions, and more. i love how compact this is, and i'm amazed they were able to cram so much good stuff into this petite little book.

the slingshot planner has been in existence for fifteen years and is produced by an all-volunteer collective out of berkeley, california. this planner has a very indie aesthetic and radical tone -- each weekly page is different, and includes information about important dates in history, from the russian revolution to the patriot act. my favorite part: "anti-copyright. borrow whatever you want. we did."

most of our planners are actually undated, which means you have to fill in the dates yourself. it's a little more work, but i actually think this is awesome because it means you can use the planner at any point -- there's no expiration date. it also makes a lot of sense for students who want to use one agenda for the entire academic year. this is the second year we've carried millimeter/milligram planners, and these are hands down some of our favorites. last year suzannah and i used different versions of past present future (and you), and this year we both ended up with grafik.

here's past present future (and you) in silver. it comes in two sizes and has both monthly overviews and weekly pages with extra pages in the back. we have it in silver, black, brown, and red. this is a simple planner that's well-designed -- an all-around favorite of o'suz and our peeps.

and here's grafik, which has weekly pages that are whimsical and often hilarious. i mean, who doesn't want a little picture of a girl with her bunny rabbit that says "wir sind familie" (we are family)?!? i also love the shape of this planner, it's an almost perfect 6.5 x 6.5" square, which is pretty unusual.

this is mm/mg's sketchbook planner, which, i have to admit, is in my planner pile, waiting to be loved. i'm just not sure i can bring myself to use it, i love it so much. some people aren't so neurotic, however, and i can say for sure that our helen used this planner last year. each page is hand drawn, and at the back is a section for notes, addresses, places to go, and websites. helen even colored in some of her pages, which made this already charming planner even more personal. and in practical terms, this is spiral bound and easy to toss in your bag.

draw your tomorrow is a nice big desk planner that opens flat and gives you tons of space for each week. this is great for work or school obligations, and the idea of drawing one's tomorrow seems so much more exciting than the obligatory "agenda" found so often on the cover of planners.

the last mm/mg planner i want to mention is called daily color, and it's a nice fat little book that would appeal to those of you who want a page for each day. like the other mm/mg options, there's lots of extra space for notes and addresses and the ever present quirkiness of all mm/mg products.
another of our favorite sources for planners is little otsu. not only do they make some snazzy calendars (see our calendar post), but their agendas are always beyond cool. this year the new offering is the annual planner vol. 3, which we have in spiral and perfect bound. little otsu products are always printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based inks, and they always showcase impeccable and interesting design.
this is one of our favorites, the little otsu come along planner. this spiral-bound planner is meant to suggest a landscape as you travel through the space of the year. this means EVERY single page is different. and this is quite a feat because each page features hand-drawn illustrations by lart berliner.

uh oh, another planner from my pile o' planner. i only wish i were able to use this non-planner datebook by keri smith -- if only i were a little less rigorous in my need to plan, plan, plan, structure, structure, structure. i love this planner, i do. there are monthly pages scattered throughout, but between these are pages like "day of indecision" with little bubbles for pros and cons and potential outcomes and input from friends and family. and pages that say: "this day will never happen again. so maybe you should write about it." even if you don't use this on a daily basis, i think it's a great gift for anyone, not just for planning, but for reflecting.

new to o'suzannah this year is linea carta, and we have a few agendas left from designer diva pyari. these are printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks in oakland, california. and, not that this will surprise you, dear reader, but this, too, is in my planner pile. hello, mushrooms and little deer with diva's amazing script??? i'll take it. this agenda has monthly overviews with pages in between for individual days and to do lists. we only have two of these left, so snag one while you can! (also, in terms of planners by our individual peeps, you'll remember the jill bliss planner from our november love it post.)

last but by no means least is bob's your uncle. this is always a customer favorite, and in the past few years the company has introduced some new additions to their planner line. the group started with the 8 days a week planner, which comes in a spiral bound notebook like you see above and in a large tear-off pad akin to the traditional desk calendar. everyone wishes there were eight days in a week, and this gives you a space to write down all that you wish you could accomplish on that eighth day. more recently, they've added the multi-task and do-doodle planners, which are also nice spiral-bound books similar in size to a standard notebook.

wowee, that's a lot of planners, and i couldn't even show them all. moral of the story? come check them out, flip through their pages that are fresh with the promise of a new year, and i hope you'll find the one that's just right for you. xoxo, jessica