2 for 1 continues with reckless abandon!!!!!

just a few things real quick, that we added to the 2 for 1 holiday gig:

daub and bauble's lotion and hand soap in sorento lemon and ginger scent, yum. usually 10 each now both for 10!!!!! here is an example of the packaging, it comes 3 diff. ways which is fun.
great host(ess) gift idea.
lavender soak and bubble bath by jane inc.
lavender is so relaxing, as is a bath. even better when you combine the two.
it makes us ladies feel special when we take the time to soak, ya know.
rub a dub dub....
some dryads roof tin frames which are super cool and rustic:
we have 4x6 and 5x7 but only 1 set of each!!!!
lotta pillows are dwindling but there are still some left. these are so rare and hard to get, i recommend them highly. they are beautiful and such a nice gift!!
tomorrow is going to be busy but come on out anyway, the mood is festive as is the decor, and we will all be there to greet you with
holiday cheer!