our economic stimulus package(s)

so we were thinking of ways to encourage good gift giving this year. we know times are tight but it's xmas, and it's hard to refrain from the festivities. giving just feels good, plain and simple. here is what we have up our sleeves. we are having a 2 for 1 sale on lots of fun goodies, some of them are even already wrapped! some are out now & some will be out black friday bright and early. here is a list of we have come up with so far:

sniff tissue packets in fun prints 2 for $3.50
apivita to go packets (skin, face and hair care)
aluminum post it note holders 2 for $10
lafco bath salt packets 2 for $10
cool aluminum cases (wallet like) 2 for $15
vibrant nylon bags that can be zipped into a pouch 2 for $15
jill bliss posters 2 for $20
sabre french utensils (we have peelers, bottles openers, demitasse spoons, cake knives....)
decals by dvider 2 of the same priced decal for 1 (range from 30 to 56 and come in tubes)
and the best for last are the lotta jansdotter pillows 2 for 1. these are no longer made by lotta, making them super rare and super special! they are amazing and would make a beautiful gift (or you could give 1 and keep 1).

quantities are all limited, some more than others, so come stock up. many of the goodies will fit perfectly in a stocking! (we've got those, too.) hey, and have nice thanksgiving.