a continuation of 2 for 1

wowee, that's a lot of 2 for 1 goodness!

so the 2 for 1 began in a more formal fashion yesterday and what a flurry of excitement it created. once we started the bundling the goodies we had listed we found more and more we felt inspired to include. the list now includes the following:

moleskine, yes moleskine. all that we have are 2 for 1!!!

dash and albert blankets 2 for $68 (serious deal here, these are awesome)

colored pencil sets 2 for $5 (great stocking stuffer for kids)
grab bags full of great surprises 2 for $16.50 (the contents of which will bring back memories for you older folks!!)

even more decals!

among the other additions:
sea urchin and wine cork placecard holders 2 for $4 and $2
18" utility shams 2 for $42
angela adams 2x3 rugs 2 for $76
lavender eye pillows 2 for $22
ink for stamping 2 for $6.75
nicole larue headbands 2 for $12

come see us soon, and hope you had a good gobble gobble day!