avert your eyes if....

..you shy away from xmas goodies before thanksgiving. we just couldn't wait. the goods were piling up and being so patient for their turn. we even started decorating, i know, it seems early but really xmas is only 30 some odd days away. at o'suzannah we do have a love of xmas but for so many reasons. we always have a craft night leading up to xmas. last year we made mobiles, one of which hangs in red's room, made by yours truly when i was 8 months pg. the year before last we made pomanders and paper garlands, one of which is also hanging in red's room. we always feast on xmas themed delights and sip champagne. it's so fun. we also do a gift exchange that can sometimes get al little crazy. (last years table of loot) i love to spoil the girls. it brings me great pleasure and likewise they always spoil me. i am always lucky to be surrounded by such giving and kind women. this year we think we might do paper and cloth covered clothes pins and sugar and salt scrubs with peppermint and perhaps lavender and maybe even a grapefruit if we are on a roll. it's sure to be fun and crafty. pics to follow.

we also love doing our windows with fun themes and our first window's theme for the holiday is none other then CRAFT . (window by jessuca stewart , our very own display queen)
we have stamp kits,individual stamps and inks, knitting kits, cards galore, ornaments of the crafty kind, cookbooks for making sweets and so on.
lastly we love the times when the store is brimming with peeps all jostling to view the goods, perhaps buy them and then have them all wrapped up by the gals at o'suz.
stay tuned for more window photos, this one was taken late at night but i wanted to get some news out to you faithful readers so i stuck it in.