windows on fourth

since opening in our new space on 4th street we have had a blast changing the windows. i have always loved this part of owning my own store and these windows just might be the best we have had yet, to work with. they are more or less symmetrical which makes it easier on the brain and they are just the perfect size. usually jessica hits one and i hit the other and we create themes. the first theme, fitting for september, was back to school and as you can see above the rather large bla bla are hittin' the books, and in style i might add.

one of next themes was autumn. browns and greens and of course oranges (below).
i will say, my energy increases with the onset of fall and winter. i love this time of year.
the colors, the smells, the cooler air (yeah) and the merch! i love fall merch. 
i also love halloween. as a rule, holidays that involve loads of candy without guilt are the best.
so, with these windows we yin yanged it a bit. one side serious fall stuff & the other mostly spooky halloweenish treats. 
these bla bla dolls are caught in the act of trying to disguise themselves for halloween. leonardo always wanted to be a panda,  verdi a masked stranger and wink wanted to be a lion, so poof, they are transformed. scared?

                         ....and you can't forget our selection of owlies. oh how we love them. 

               oh and all of our halloween stamps including skulls, bats, crows, pumpkins etc...

                                                                   fall window cont... 

and so on. you get the idea. our hope for future months, for you fans afar, is to take quick pics of our new windows as they are revealed.  we might also give a little description of their contents to keep you all up to date on what we are thinking about and perhaps what is new. some windows will have an obvious theme, some will be more subtle. all will be fresh and fun so stay tuned for our VOTE window to be followed with our first november windows. we also hope to put out xmas cards next week. i know it seems super early but peeps are always asking in october so we are feeling the pressure. be sure though that it will not look like xmas in the shop just quite yet we just want you loyal card givers to get a jump on the season.