what a hoot

so who has not noticed, owls are everywhere? we are no exception, but the difference is, we have always loved our owlies. i remember growing up with owls in the 70's. my sister loved them, so my mom would decorate with owls. i vaguely remember a print of an owl that my mom had framed. i would love to have that print now. anyhoo, we have lots of owlies to share with you at the shop and here are some our favorites:

i won't list the obvious, but i will say that the owl tee for toddlers, by fauna, and the owl onsie, by foxy and winston, are awesome for small peeps. the magnets, made by ipop with
boy girl party graphics are so fun. all of the owl stamps are regular's at o'suz. i am always looking for more good ones so that we can stamp our bags at a moments notice with any manner of owl. owl decal by one up designs, which is so cute if you put it above a light switch plate like he is perched, owl art by cabin and cub and sally bennet, and a book on owls called sightings that we just got more of yesterday!

more favorites include owls by bla bla and igolfini, owly tee and snap pouch by nicole larue, owl print by alena hennessey, an owly birthday calendar, owl pads and cards by all kinds of peeps and the best, an owl on a pogo stick pad by seltzer goods..... and finally the owl hand puppet who failed to look up for this photo, by dwell studio. anyhoot, we got owls and lots of em!!
xo suz