more new goods fresh in!

around here, our 2 favorite things, other than perhaps coffee and sweets, are doing fun fresh displays and getting shipment. but we aren't greedy, i'm here to share some tidbits with you.
first up, monday we got tikoli teatowels, modern textiles for the kitchen. this is our favorite:

lots of others came too, in blues and greens. they are 12 each and such a sweet gift. we also got french bull. they introduced some new patterns in the salad servers which is exciting because they too are only 12 for a set and such a great gifty! also, back in, are the sippy cups which are A-dorable. here is my mini man with his, long before he was even using it.

note the tummy.

just yesterday we got fluffy co. t-shirts for little peeps and bigger ones.
the new ones they make are so new there are no images yet but here's a peak:

owlies, yeah!

i snagged this one for red!
it's red and black and spoooky.

today, was no different. we got goodies from scotty and none too early. we got the new
lotta jansdotter shipment!!! for you lotta fans, it is sad, but good to note, that she has tightened her line up quite a bit. as a result, in my opinion, her offerings are that much more precious. here are just a few treats we got in:

good lord, why can't we all wear these.

we can all tote this baby though!

this yoga bag is the coolest around.

2009 fabric calendars

we got lots more but we need to save some stuff to surprise you when you come in.
see you soon,