did you say italian cashmere?

so the latest juicy box to cross the osuz threshhold was from portolano. if you have shopped me for any number of years you know this line is a staple for us come fall and winter.
a little backround:
{The history of Portolano as a glove producer began in Naples when Aldo and Ivo's grandfather, Fortunato Portolano, began manufacturing in the year 1895. The company was a pioneer of the Italian glove exporters and as early as 1911, Portolano was selling leather gloves to the United States and the British colonies.}
nowadays they make and sell all manner of knits and leather including stuff for kids!!
here are some quick pics to peruse and with the chill in the air you might even wanna snag some. thanks to all models (hee hee) for this impromtu photo shoot!