turn those frowns upside down...

so we love our new space, it feels incredibly luscious and fresh. it's so rewarding to hear all the reactions from the peeps coming in. thanks so much to everyone for the great feedback and for being so loyal and positive. we know these are tough times though, and that so many of us are feeling cautious. that's why we've decided to have an impromptu SALE!!!!!  by noon tomorrow, if not sooner, we should have completed a fresh new sale area right up front. the sale will include some super cool bags by holly aiken, deadly squire, crispina and queen bee. it will also include zents candles in earth, petal, water and fig (great to stash as xmas presents). in addition there will be journals, notepads, books, cards and so on marked down for your shopping pleasure.  we will ALSO have a baby/kid sale section, in the back, on the left. included in this sale section are some baby products, books, pixel organics goodies, makie sleeper in cream, and a few other fun treats to scoop up as gifts or for your own wee ones. 
*if you know our sales, you know we always add goodies (to the sale) so we can subtract goodies(from the sale) so we can add more new goodies to the shop. make sense? it does to us.
hope we see you soon,