new in the shop this week!

so we got lots of treats last week from our favorite delivery guys. included in these boxes were halloween stamps, which we are waiting to debut later this month,  some new cards from fiddlesticks, smudge ink and modern printed matter, little otsu planners and 2 new calendars, with a railways and a treehouse theme, more twine t's made of bamboo by nikki mcclure (2009 calendars by nikki are also in),  all kinds of new supercool ipop magnets and bob's your uncle, oldies and new goods.  the BIGGEST shipments were highway and queen bee. highway has new colors and styles and we gottem'all, and queen bee has new bags that i can't wait to see in person. 
even more exciting is what will come this coming week so stay tuned folks, or better yet come see us. xo suz