"love it" for september: AARON WINE of sew seamless

aaron, holding red, at my house

so we were racking our brains for an artist to feature in september, when all along she was right under our noses: our very own, aaron wine, artist extraordinaire and lovely lady. aaron has been creative since i met her years ago when she came to work for me at the elliewood store. she loves textiles and paper and she LOVES color. she is, in one word, amazing. you should have seen the look on my face and tears in my eyes when i opened her baby gift to red at my shower. he loves it and will have it for as long as i can preserve it.

it was by far the most incredible gift i have ever received. i was gobsmacked, and still am, at the talent aaron has. she is also very resourceful with what she makes. she never wastes a thing. she often uses the scraps of bigger projects to make the quilts she has become famous for.

then, there are her latest creations, colored pencil rolls, which we are carrying at o'suz.
here is one that made it's debut in the window of the new shop when we opened with a back to school theme. bubbles makes good use of it after hours when we aren't watching.

the ones shown are just a few examples of the rolls we have in the shop now. they range from $60 to $100, depending on size and they are incredible. if you're not in the market, at least catch a glimpse of them in person. they are so beautiful, like aaron, the girl who made them.

here is an interview with miss aaron:

What was your first job and how did you end up making goods?

My first job was teaching dance at the studio where I grew up dancing. I taught ballet, kinder dance and jazz classes to young ones and have been dancing ever since. I have a degree in dance and I feel so lucky to be dancing and performing in the rich arts community here in Charlottesville.

My mom made me beautiful dresses growing up and I learned to sew through osmosis. My dad bought me my first sewing machine in college and I started making quilts for friends and the fam. I have made some crazy costumes for dance shows too, including a dress made out of pink bubble wrap (that i collected from the store) and a leather costume for fire dancing. I am quite fond of collecting fabrics and Sew Seamless came out of a love of putting fabrics and color together.

What is your favorite piece/group/series among your work?

I am really thrilled with my pencil rolls. It is so nice to make something functional that can inspire some creative expression! I love color and it is so fun to match the colored pencil to a perfect piece of fabric. I especially enjoy making a pencil roll or quilt with someone special in mind!

Who, past or present, most inspires you?

Andy Goldsworthy... his open air sculpture is stunning
Mary Oliver.....her poems are my mantras
Feist......her voice fuels me

Which 3 websites do you visit daily?

NPR All Songs Considered
How about Orange?
Describe your perfect Sunday.

Sleeping in... having tea and eggs with toast with my man, Moriah. Some reading, some sewing, and a nice walk in the woods. In the evening out to my friends Korina and Ethan's for an outside steam bath and a sit around a fire. And oh yes, chocolate cake, I love chocolate cake!
What do you see out your studio windows?

When I gaze out my windows I see a huge oak tree up on a hill. My garden that grows herbs, kale, lettuce, arugula and tomatoes. I like nothing more than to go outside and eat right from my garden. I also see my new pergola (it's a cousin of an arbor) that my man built over our deck that has cucumbers, clematis and morning glories winding all around. I can't wait for it to be completely covered with flowers and veggies!