4th street

so the move has happened and the set up has been in progress daily. we have been worker bees behind that paper: getting shipment, opening millions of boxes, moving furniture and moving it again, merchandising like fiends etc.. whew, we had some stuff and we got MORE stuff we can't wait to share. so, as for the reopen date, we are thinking tomorrow, saturday aug 23rd at noon. 
if we are not too zonked we will stay til 7 so peeps coming down for dinner or a flick can stop in.
our new hours in this space, after tomorrow, will be monday-saturday 10-6 (maybe later some nights once we get a feel for 4th street) and sunday 12-5. we are so thrilled with our new home and hope you will visit asap. we will also have grab bag treats to go along with all purchases 
tomorrow so try to pop by and shop. we've missed you!!!!