the BIG news

okay, drumroll please. where is stuart copeland when you need him? (from the police, my young friends). the day to reveal the BIG NEWS has arrived, and you, kind reader, are the first to find out. i have not even been able to tell my lovely and most loyal employees/friends the news as it is after hours and they have left work or town, jumping back into their unique lives; one dancing, one writing, and one just landing in rome to teach. i myself am plopped happily in the country, in our airstream to be exact, writing about the BIG NEWS! .....we will be MOVING the store up the mall, east aways, as of, or before, september 1rst, 2008. our exact address will be 114 4rth st ne. for those of us who know the mall, that is up from 5 guys, down from daedalus bookstore on the corner, and next to novel. for those who don't, it is a hop, skip and a jump from my current location and still just right off the mall . the deal has been in the works for a bit but i just made the decision. while we will be sad to leave 2nd street nw, our home of almost 5 years, we are excited for the change and for the increase in size. don't worry, it will still be intimate and probably crowded. our hope is to offer more artists and goodies in general, including: new jewelry lines, t-shirts, more baby goods, more lamps, product, paper & card lines, accessories and whatever else will fit! we are so excited for the change. if you know my roadmap to now you know that i have enjoyed change all along. i started where pearl is now, moved to where elsie garden is now, opened a store on elliewood ave, and then opened the o'suzannah on 2nd street nw.

so there it is folks, the scoop, the skinny, in black and white, straight from the source. stay tuned for details regarding additional sale times, opening dates etc. one thing is for certain. we will be open in the new space on or before september 1rst 2008!