new twisty treasures!

hello hello, peeps! right now we're really excited about one of the new lines we picked up in february, modern-twist. they make these incredible fabric boxes, based on a vintage japanese design, that twist open and closed.

not only are the mechanics of these little boxes amazing, but the patterns are pretty sweet, too. i love the pebble pattern pictured above, and the squirrel has been a big hit. (he's available in orange as well.)

to make them even cooler, there's a little sachet in the bottom of each twist! they're good for storing jewelry, medicine, and many other tiny treasures. i love seeing mine sitting on my dresser everyday -- it's an example of an amazingly executed but simple design.

while the itty-bitty hide boxes have been a fast favorite, we also carry the larger hide box II, a great jewelry box with a more straightforward box & lid approach, and the pj pocket pillow in a fun orange elephant all-over pattern.

beyond the boxes, modern-twist also makes some super cool coaster sets that we just got in. these babies have been flying off our shelves! they are made from silicone, and you can actually write on them with ballpoint pen and erase, so they're handy as informal placecards or for keeping track of your drink.

we love that modern-twist integrates old and new design, organic motifs, and a commitment to responsible manufacturing practices. and they're beautiful to boot! ciao for now, j.