new foxy and winston harvest mice!

to say that i love foxy and winston is only partially true. i really, really love foxy and winston. we've carried jane's cards, baby tees, and onesies for a few years now, and she just keeps doing amazing work in her brooklyn studio. luckily suzannah usually gets us girls extra special holiday treats, so i am the proud owner of a porcupine tshirt and a hedgie silkscreen print. (and a delightful guinea pig print from my sister.) here in the store we just got a big batch of foxy and winston's newest cards, the harvest mice series. have you ever seen anything so cute? my guess is that the only honest answer you can give is a resounding no.

i encourage my reader to carefully examine the details of these nicely rotund little creatures with bespeckled little bellies and clad in the occasional party hat or boatneck sailor shirt. we have just crossed over into "painfully cute" territory, and i plan on staying for awhile.

not only are these mice sure to brighten the day of any of your correspondents, but they're also hand screen printed on 100% recycled paper. now we know why our pal on the left is sporting a "yay!" sign. stop in and visit the harvest mice (and their other foxy and winston pals) soon! ciao for now, j.