"love it" launch! with beth mueller

our first featured artist that we love is beth mueller. i have been carrying beth's ceramic works for what seems like a coon's age though i do remember being agog standing outside her booth at the new york gift fair for the first time. her work was so different and sweet. it spoke to me and i just had to have it. since then we have carried so many of her pieces and with much success, including cards and baby items that she introduced a few years back. she has also made me some special goods that i have gifted to my staff and husband over the years and an outfit for red (below) with an icon well suited for him. she is our first featured artist in our "love it" monthly post and has honored us by giving us a glimpse into her world by answering some questions.

#1 what was your first job and how did you end up making ceramics?

my first job, other than the obligatory babysitting was working in a fabric store cutting fabric. this was through high school. hmmmmmm. i didn't really take any art during high school, and i think all the pent up ideas just came rushing out once i was in college. i loved working with clay, but pretty much equally loved printmaking. went with clay after i graduated, doing an apprenticeship and eventually found a way to combine my love of surface narrative and pottery.

#2 what is your favorite piece/group/series of your work?

currently i really like these mugs that we are making. they are just a very pleasant shape and size and really nice to draw on.

#3 who or what inspires you?

inspiration. there is so much. spring. anyone who works with passion or devotion. athletes. have been reading about the eames, so them. wendell berry. john edwards.
wislawa szymborska.

#4 describe your ideal sunday.

up. go for a run. church, and having the kids in sunday school get what i am trying to teach. big lunch. nap. garden or ski depending on the time of year. cook fun dinner. movie. no house cleaning at all.

#5 what do you see outside your studio windows?

right now, lots of flowers and my next door neighbors.