o'suz's foray into webdom.

today, fueled by coffee and yummy scrummy baked goods grabbed north of town at from scratch baking co., o'suzannah made its internet debut! for so long folks have asked us if we have a website or a catalog. we most often reply that while we have not yet opened those doors we do still hand write our tickets and hand stamp our bags focusing on in store ju ju all these 12 years rather than joining the ranks. with this blog we hope to share our enthusiasm as we, with anticipation, open our boxes and merchandise the lovely delights we've ordered and most fancy. we will also keep you in the know as to our upcoming sales (usually january and june) and shop hour changes. most importantly we are looking forward to paying homage to our favorite artists, giving them much due praise and recognition. ultimately as well we want to encourage a dialogue with our customers, friends and artists alike. please join us!